Trusted Advisor: Athletes and Wealthy Families for 25+ Years

Expertise: Complexities of Human Behavior and Finance MBA, Finance. BS, Organizational Behavior Management


Trusted Advisor to Wealthy Families and Individuals

  • Public and Private Company Executives

  • Generational Planning and Counseling

  • Monetizing Concentrated Positions and Re-investing for Client Goals

  • Asset Allocation Strategy

Advisor to Athletes

  • Capital Preservation

  • Financial Literacy

  • Risk adjustment for Short Career

  • Financial Change-in-Circumstance


Trusted Financial Consultant: Millennials

Expertise: Human Performance and Finance BS, Applied Economics and Management

Experience: Investment Product Specialist with Concentration in Alternative Investments

Areas of Specialty:

  • Leadership

  • Financial Literacy

  • Financial Accountability

  • Social Media Responsibility

  • Professional Development & Branding


Trusted Mentor & Investor: Athletes

Expertise: Leadership and Communication BA, Communications

Experience: Elite Athlete, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Community Advocate & Volunteer

Areas of Specialty:

  • Leadership

  • Financial Literacy

  • NFL Players: Challenges & Triumphs

  • Off-Season Productivity & Execution

  • NFLPA Team Representative and Externship Participant